Hassle-free switching between different camera settings.

Thanks to the feedback from our users, we implemented function that allows users quickly and efficiently switch between selected camera settings, and not waste time dialing settings on the camera screen.

01. Navigate to the first tab from the left

On the first tab from the left - White Balance, you will see memory card icon and also saved presets.

Tapping on the preset name will switch camera settings to the settings defined in the specific preset.

Tapping on the "memory card" icon will open up preset menu, where you can edit, add and delete your presets.
02. Preset menu navigation

When inside of a preset menu, you can edit, delete or add presets.

Long-press or tapping "pen" icon will let you edit specific preset ( see section below ).

Left-swipe or "trash bin" icon will delete selected preset.

"Plus" icon will create new empty preset.
03. Changing preset settings

After long-pressing or tapping "pen" icon you will enter preset editing screen.

By tapping "Refresh" icon,  you can load current camera settings into the preset.

Checkbox next to the setting name indicates if the selected setting will or will not be overwritten when the preset is selected.

In order to save preset, you always need to press "Memory card" icon, otherwise the preset will not be saved.