01. Enabling Bluetooth on the handwheel
Upon powering on the handwheel, you will need to enable Bluetooth, as it is not enabled by default.

Press and hold "Upper arrow" button to enter settings menu. Navigate down to the Bluetooth item in the settings menu, so that it is first item from the top of the screen. Press "Upper arrow" twice to enter item. Once inside of Bluetooth item, press "Lower arrow" to change setting to "On". Press "Upper arrow" to return back to settings menu.

Handwheel is now setup and ready to be connected with BlueConnect app.
02. Pairing with the handwheel
Once you have connected app to the camera and Bluetooth on the handwheel is enabled, you need to navigate to the sidebar of the app ( three horizontal arrows ), and press "Nucleus-N".
Now you will be presented with the new Scan screen where your handwheel will appear. If there is no device after 3seconds, swipe down to refresh search. After the device appeared in the search, press "Nucleus-N" item in order to connect.

Successful connection will be displayed on the screen.
03. Enjoy using handwheel together with a camera
Seems like you are all setup.

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