- 1. Blackmagic Camera Update 6.9.5
Camera firmware version 6.9.5 is known to break a lot of Bluetooth functions that are either not responding to commands from the app, or camera is not providing feedback on these parameters. These parameters include, but are not limited to : White Balance, Tint, Shutter, ISO, Frame Guide, Safe Area, Grids. In order to solve the issue, please update your camera firmware to version 6.9.6.

- 2. Blackmagic Camera Update 6.9.6
Since camera firmware update 6.9.6, off-speed recording mode is not functioning. However if your camera firmware version is lower than 6.9.6, you should be able control off-speed recording without problems. 

- 3. Input of second audio channel ***FIXED IN VERSION 1.0.6***
We observed, that audio channel command that is supposed to change both audio channels is only switching audio input on Channel 1. In order to make this function correctly for both audio channels, Camera FW 7.3 or above is required.

- 4. Unable to switch from ProRes to BRAW codec
We discovered, that once your actual recording codec is BRAW,  you are not able to switch to the ProRes, you are however able to control all BRAW recording options like compression ratios and resolution. Once you switch to ProRes, again you are able to control all ProRes recording options. 

- 5. Camera does not respond to Focus peaking, Zebras and               False Colour
We discovered, that Enable/Disable option of above functions works only on firmware version 6.9.6 or newer.

- 6. Nucleus-N does not show up after Bluetooth search refresh
We discovered, that units of Nucleus Nano handwheels does not show up even after search refresh. In order to solve this issue, you will need to perform "Factory Reset" on the handwheel. After that Handwheel should appear in the search.
If you have been connected to the camera, and then exited the app, and you have let it run in the background, there is a chance, that the app lost connection with the camera. In that case, you'll have to delete the camera from the paired devices on the phone, and also perform "Clear All" command in the "Setup" tab in camera.