Pulling focus through app has never been easier.

Thanks to redesigned focus interface, you are now able to focus through multiple predefined points, focus by duration and drive motor intensity, or pull focus through the slider.

01. Basic focus slider and intensity

Simply moving focus direction slider up or down will force focusing drive to focus forward - to infinity, or backward - to the closest focus point.

Additionally, you can adjust focus intensity, that will determine speed at which will focusing drive move. 100% focus intensity paired with focus direction slider being at the top most position equals to full focusing drive speed.

02. Focus pulling through focus intensity and duration

This method of focus work on a basis, where you can set your focus intensity and duration. During selected duration will be focusing drive set to move forward or backward with specific sensitivity.

In this method, lens always start from closest focus point, and goes to infinity in the
C-B-A order. More specifically C > B movement and B > A movement focus towards infinity, whereas A > B and B > C movements focus towards closest focus point. 
03. Focus pulling through dynamic focus trajectories

This method of focus work on a basis, where you can teach your own focus movements, and navigate between those also in reversed order.

Teaching a trajectory means teaching a trajectory lens focus drive will follow after pressing the specific focus trajectory.

In order to teach a trajectory, press and hold
A, B or C trajectory. After underlining colour turns Red you can start teaching movement. After you are done teaching movement press once the specific button. After that, underlining colour will turn green which indicates that focus trajectory of specific point has been saved.